A Clockwork Swiss is the fifth episode in the Taken television series.


Bryan and the team stage a bank heist after uncovering a conspiracy to short U.S. financial markets.


Tracy, the Associate Attorney General, tells Hart about a group of bankers who are planning to cripple the U.S. economy. He states that his contact in Zurich, Switzerland has critical information for future indictments, forcing Christina Hart's compliance by revealing to have evidence of Bert Keagy's assassination. Hart's team fails to prevent Byron Caine, the bankers' operative, from killing the contact, who gives Mills the keycard to a safety deposit box. Casey convinces the team to infiltrate the bank and acquire the information, which they do and escape. Caine gives chase to their van; but the team takes refuge in the Israeli Embassy, leading to Caine's arrest. Mills watches the video, which is revealed to be only a goodbye tape by the contact, who was also Tracy's boyfriend. Hart deduces that the bankers intended to blackmail Tracy using the video. She forces Tracy to proceed with his indictments. Meanwhile, Carlos Mejia's operatives hack into the cameras in Asha Flynn's, finding the location of Mejia's incarceration using Mills, who is revealed to be still obsessed with Mejia.