Ali, in Taken.

Ali was "the Sheik" Raman's head bodyguard in Taken

He was played by Jalil Naciri.


Ali was seen bidding on girls at a prostitute slave auction. Bryan Mills got into Ali's room disguised as a waiter to pour some champagne. After he saw his daughter, Kim, Bryan was shocked and spilled the wine. Ali told him to get out, but Bryan pulled his Beretta 92FS Pistol on Ali, held it to his neck, and forced him to purchase Kim. After the auction was finished, Bryan lead Ali out the door, and Ali sad that he would never get away with that. Bryan said that if he wanted to live, he better make sure that he did. Bryan was then knocked out. Bryan later regained consciousness in a boiler room where Patrice Saint-Clair had his men attempt to kill him. Bryan killed all the guards, escaped, and killed Saint-Clair. He then saw Ali loading Kim into his car, presumably because all sales were final and she could not be returned.

Bryan then got into a car chase with Ali and jumped onto the yacht that Ali's boss, Raman, owned. Bryan started to kill Raman's security guards and finished by getting into a violent knife fight with Ali. Bryan found it difficult to defeat Ali who proved to be a skilled combatant, but eventually succeeded in stabbing him to death with his own Karambit. Bryan then took Ali's Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro Pistol, used it to kill Raman, and got Kim back.

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