Mark Casey
Status: Alive
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: American
Residence(s): Los Angeles, California
Affiliation: CIA
Profession: CIA: Agent
Played by: Jon Gries
Films: Taken, Taken 2, Taken 3
First film: Taken
Last film: Taken 3

Mark Casey is one of the retired CIA operatives.


Casey was seen working with Bryan Mills, Sam and Bernie providing security for pop-star singer Sheerah. After the assailant tried to kill her and Mills disarms, Casey takes over and arrests him.

Taken 2Edit

Casey was seen alongside both Bernie and Sam playing a game of golf. They had to halt their current game when Sam had to take a call from Bryan, who had just driven near a U.S. embassy in Istanbul to drop off his daughter Kim so he could then escape from there and rescue his wife, Lennie and kill any remaining people if he had to. Mills asked that Sam straighten out any of the difficulties he might encounter here at the embassy much to Sam's surprise. Sam reluctantly stated "yes" since he was a loyal pal to Bryan.

Taken 3Edit

DHS- Mark Casey (Jon Gries) profile in LAPD database in Taken 3

Casey returns in Taken 3 to help Bryan prove his innocence after he is framed for the murder of his ex-wife, Lenore St. John. Casey, Sam and Bernie all saw the most action this go-around by helping Bryan get Kim to a safer hideout where they could use their spy surveillance and other high-tech computer equipment. Unfortunately, despite being off the grid, the LAPD's Franck Dotzler was already onto to who was helping assist Bryan, a current fugitive who was suspected as a culprit for Lennie's death. Casey helps in arresting Stuart at the end of the film.

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