Mattie G is the fourth episode in the Taken television series.


Bryan and the ODNI team must rescue a pharma informant's daughter who's been taken hostage while keeping his intel out of the wrong hands.


Dan Glynn, Riley's contact in Ingersol Pharmaceuticals, whose new drug, Sangravan, has killed several people due to unannounced side effects, acquires the medical test reports, which can be used as evidence for incrimination. The Team secures Dan, whose daughter, Mattie, is revealed to have been kidnapped by Ingersol. At the exchange location, Mills fails to rescue Mattie, but kills the brother of Tom Solitzki, the Ingersol head of security. Solitzki demands Mills to come personally with the records to the new location. Mills manages to dominate the Ingersol operatives before infiltrating the building and killing the remaining ones, including Solitzki. He returns Mattie to Dan. In a Senate Hearing, Hart reveals the records, leading to arrests of several Ingersol figures. Meanwhile, a stalker appears in Asha Flynn's neighborhood, with the police advising her to stay at somewhere else until he is captured. She moves to Mills'. They eventually develop romance. Carlos Mejia's operatives are revealed to be watching him.