Oleg Malankov (Sam Spruell) in Taken 3

Oleg Malankov in Taken 3.

Oleg Malankov was the secondary antagonist in the 2015 movie, Taken 3. He was portrayed by Sam Spruell.

Oleg was a former KGB Spetsnav and Afghanistan war veteran turned crime boss. He was introduced to be the main antagonist at first, but that was the plot to hide the real antagonist of the film.  

Stuart St. John revealed that Malankov had served in the Russian Army when they invaded Afghanistan. 

Taken 3 Edit

At the beginning of Taken 3, Oleg was seen talking to a man whom he had kidnapped. He forced the man to open the safe, only to find it empty. After he spoke to his secret employer regarding a debt, Oleg shot his hostage dead.

Oleg was not seen again until the climax, where he relaxed on a beach. Malankov arranged to meet Stuart downtown, but instead, proceeded to flirt with two women in the pool. When Bryan Mills entered the building, Malankov engaged him in a brawl that culminated with Bryan wounding him. Malankov revealed that the whole thing was a setup, that Stuart had played them against one another, and said that they were fucked by the same man. He then died. Stuart was later arrested.

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