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Nicolas Giraud taken Google Search
Status: Deceased
Birthplace: France
Cause of death: Hit by a truck
Nationality: French
Affiliation: Albanian Mafia
Profession: Sex trafficker
Played by: Nicolas Giraud
Film: Taken
First film: Taken
Last film: Taken

Peter was a sex trafficker and character in Taken.

He was portrayed by Nicolas Giraud.


Peter is a young French man who spends his days finding attractive young female tourists from the Paris airport and then getting them to share a cab. He then figures out their address and invites them to a party, getting their location and figuring out if they are with anybody else. At this point he relays the information to thugs who kidnap the women and sell them into sexual slavery.

Peter made a grave mistake when he went after Kim Mills and her friend Amanda, which led to his death. He did his usual routine but after Kim is kidnapped, her vengeful father who was once a CIA agent tracks Peter down through a photo he took, where his reflection is visible in a window in the background of the picture. Bryan then remembers his face and finds Peter attempting to swindle a young tourist from Stockholm, Sweden. Bryan pushes Peter into a taxi and attempts to beat the information out of him, breaking several of his ribs and pulling many muscles in his abdomen. Bryan orders the driver to start driving but the driver flees and alerts security. Bryan threatens to sink a punch right into his lung but Bryan is attacked by Peter's partner, whom Bryan promptly kills after throat-chopping him, crushing his windpipe. He then chases Peter in the stolen taxi but Peter jumps off an overpass and is hit by a passing truck, killing his only lead. Bryan walks away, unsure of what to do next.


Peter is a charming, helpful seemingly-innocent man who is extroverted and that exudes chivalry. However, these traits exist only to assist him in getting information that will lead him to obtain women for sexual slavery. When not directly associating with the girls, he is calculating and quick. As shown in his chase with Bryan, he is a skilled runner, but when he gets too stressed, he can make grave errors in judgement.

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