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Raman, in Taken.

Raman "The Sheik" is a supporting antagonist in Taken.

Raman is a sleazy man who bought sex slaves for his own enjoyment. He is portrayed by Nabil Massad.


Bryan Mills forced Raman's head bodyguard, Ali, to purchase his daughter, Kim from an auction so that he could get her back. However, he was beaten and detained by Patrice Saint-Clair's thugs. Bryan escaped only to see Ali loading Kim into his car, presumably because all sales were final and that she could not be returned.

Bryan then got into a car chase with Ali and jumped onto the yacht that Raman owned. Bryan killed all seven of Raman's security guards and finished by getting into a violent knife fight with Ali, which killed him. Bryan then took Ali's Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro Pistol and went into Raman's Bedroom where he saw Raman holding a knife to Kim's throat. Bryan aimed his gun at Raman's head and Raman attempted to negotiate only for Bryan to shoot him in the head anyway, and got Kim back.