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Raman "The Sheik" was a villain in Taken.

A sleazy man who buys sex slaves for his own enjoyment, he was portrayed by Nabil Massad.

Role in TakenEdit

Bryan Mills forces Raman's head bodyguard, Ali, to purchase his daughter Kim from an auction so he can get her back. However, he is beaten and detained by Patrice Saint-Clair's thugs. Bryan escapes only to see Ali loading Kim into his car, presumably because all sales are final and she cannot be returned.

Bryan then gets into a car chase with Ali and jumps onto the yacht Raman owns. Bryan kills all seven of Raman's security guards and finishes by getting into a violent knife fight with Ali, killing him. Bryan then takes Ali's Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro pistol and goes into Raman's bedroom where he sees Raman holding a knife to Kim's throat. Bryan aims his gun at Raman's head and Raman attempts to negotiate only for Bryan to shoot him in the head anyway, getting Kim back.

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