Ready is the second episode in the Taken television series.


Christina uncovers a far-reaching political conspiracy while Bryan struggles to balance his new role at ODNI with his desire to avenge Cali's murder.


Having joined the team, Bryan Mills fails to operate effectively due to his sister's death. Using intelligence provided by Carlos Mejia, Christina Hart sends a tactical team, excluding Mills, to Ukraine to capture a drug lord. However, Mills' precision saves Dave from a grenade explosion. A Senator dies, apparently due to a heart attack. CIA agent Clara Ward contacts Hart and reveals that it was an assassination, arranging a meeting. The former is killed by a mercenary, later identified as William Davis. Hart is also critically shot and taken to a hospital, where Harry Ward, Clara's husband, tells her about Operation Fortunata, which is for human trafficking of refugees from Syria. Locating Davis, John includes Mills in the team. Mills manages to capture Davis, who is critically wounded and moved to a hospital, where other mercenaries attack, but fail due to Mills' intervention. Davis and his co-worker reveal their employer's name, whom Hart forces to confess by using the same poison. Meanwhile, Mills acquires footage of Mejia's cell. Mills and Asha Flynn, his sister's friend, become closer. He tells her about his plan to kill Mejia.