Rue de Paradis is a neighborhood located in Paris, France.

In Taken, the "house with the red door" is located in Rue de Paradis.


Located in the west of Paris 10th arrondissement (district of Porte-Saint-Denis), between 95 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis and 64 of the rue du Faubourg Poissoniere the rue de Paradis has a length of 528 meters.

She closed south the enclosure Saint-Lazare and north sewing Filles-Dieu .

It was formerly called Paradise Poissoniere, to distinguish it from another rue de Paradis, located in the Marais. It bears the name of Saint-Lazare in terms of Boisseau then forming a portion of the path from the Saint-Lazare Roule. It is an extension of the old Rue d'Enfer, today rue Bleue .

In 1710 the place called The Paradise formerly Les Prés Girls God was still the site of a garden belonging to the religious community of the Filles-Dieu .

The rue de Paradis was "the" street of crystal , of porcelain and other earthenware because of the proximity of the station Paris-Is that allowed the flow of materials from the Lorraine particular.

The rue de Paradis is one of the streets of the French version of Monopoly .

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