The Taurus PT111
is the 9x19mm pistol in the Millenium Pro line by Taurus.

It is seen in Taken and used by Bryan Mills to kill Patrice Saint-Clair.


Models 111B (blued slide), 111SS (stainless slide), 111SSG (stainless gray slide). Double action only trigger. Weight 18.7 ounces, length: 6⅛ inches, width: 1.268 inches, height: 5.020 inches, 6 groove 3.25 inch barrel with 1:9.84 per inch rate of twist, 10 round magazine. The "Pro" series contains models 111BP (blued slide, 10 round magazine), 111BP-12 (blued slide, 12 round magazine), 111SSP (stainless slide, 10 round magazine), 111SSP-12 (stainless slide, 12 round magazine), 111PTi (Titanium slide, 10 round magazine), 111PTi-12 (titanium slide, 12 round magazine), 111PG-12 (stainless slide & pink frame, 12 round magazine). single action/double action trigger, Heinie sights with ‘Straight-8’ rear. Weight: 18.7 ounces (111PTi and 111PIi-12: 16 ounces), length: 6⅛ inches, width: 1.125 inches, height: 5.125 inches, 6 groove 3.25 inch barrel with 1:9.84 per inch rate of twist.

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